10 bedford history

Established in 1914, 10 Bedford Square has occupied the corner of Twelfth and Bingham on the South Side of Pittsburgh for nearly a hundred years. The Yost Produce Company built the 10,000-square-foot structure to lodge its egg storehouse. Since then, there have been several companies housed within the brick and timber structure, including a piano warehouse, an advertising agency, and an information technology company. A handful of relics from the Yost days remain incorporated into the decor of the building—an old industrial, built-in floor scale, an extremely weighty (but, alas, empty) safe in the lobby, a room-sized cooler that was tempered by water from Pittsburgh’s underground river, and a rugged, operable freight elevator that’s among the oldest of its kind in the city! Most recently, the building is home to Zoltun Design and various thriving small businesses. To inquire about space availability at 10 Bedford Square, please contact

Rick Zoltun at rick@10bedfordsquare.com.